Grilled Sausage and You – 7 Steps to the Perfect Grilled Sausages

For first timers, grilled sausage might seem like an easy thing to cook. But, don’t be too hasty! Grilled sausages need care and preparation before you cook them. If cooking sausages is something you’re familiar with, then you will know the 7 steps to getting it right. Find out how grilling sausages the right way will create a delectable meal for you, your friends, and your family!

Perfect Grilled Sausages Start with Room Temperature

This initial step applies for all meats. It’s even easier for sausages, as well. You don’t usually need to leave it out for as long as other meats. Before you start grilling sausages, set them on the counter for 30 minutes. Room temperature sausages reduce your cooking time. They also allow for more evenly cooked grilled sausages.

When Grilling Sausages, Don’t Break the Casing!

If you break a fresh sausage, then you’re not doing it right! A grilled sausage needs the casing to hold all that good stuff in place. The casing holds in the fats and juices, Which help to make the taste and texture just right. Scoring the sausage also only serves to let the fat escape when cooking. It can also cause flare-ups, which will char the sausage on the outside before the inside is completely grilled through. So, when cooking sausages, never score or break them!


For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, sausages are a fantastic addition to almost any meal.

Use Low to Medium Heat when Cooking Sausages

The key to a nicely grilled sausage is a gradual build-up of the temperature as you go. Sausages aren’t like steaks, you don’t hit them with high heat from the start. Your aim isn’t to sear them on the outside. You want your grilled sausages to have cooked uniformly, inside and outside.

Don’t Char Sausages, Caramelise Them

It’s important to note the difference between charring and caramelising sausages. Grilling sausages requires that you cook them to a deep brown shade, and not black! When it comes to sausages, soot and char is not seasoning. Control the fat loss, and don’t let the flames jump up. Otherwise, you might end up ruining a perfectly good sausage!


The choice between gas and charcoal largely comes down to preference. But, perfecting the sausage is often a lot easier over gas.

Necks and Shoulders are Great for Making Your Own Sausages

Besides cooking sausages, you may also like to make them yourself. There’s a stereotype out there which suggests that you make sausages from leftover cuts of meat. This is just not true! Necks and shoulders from lamb, beef, and pork all have the ideal fat-to-meat ratio for sausages. They’re perfect for grinding up and stuffing into sausage casings. Keep this in mind next time you want to make some delicious sausages from scratch.

Gas Over Charcoal any Day!

You need uniform heat when cooking up a grilled sausage or two. It’s a much easier affair to do this on a gas cooker than a charcoal braai. There are many who prefer charcoal over gas, and as a matter of preference, this is perfectly fine. But, constant, regulated heat leads to a better final product when cooking grilled sausages.

You Don’t Always Need to Grill Your Sausages

Here’s a neat little trick if you want to char the outside of the sausage, and still give the inside a proper cooking. While grilling sausages, go ahead and char the outside. Then, simmer them in boiling water for about 5 minutes or so. This ensures you cook them uniformly inside.

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