Welcome to Roots Butchery, Supplier of Quality Meats and Products

Welcome to Roots Butchery, we are a retail and wholesale butchery with a client base ranging from large scale industries to retail customers. Additionally, we ensure that as a wholesale butchery and meat retailer, we provide only the finest quality meats and products to them.

Roots butchery maintains its position as a leader in its industry. This comes as a result of our extensive knowledge of effectively running as a wholesale butchery and meat retailer. This has also served to strengthen our brand and allow us to better serve our clients and customers on a day to day basis.

Quality Meat from a Leading Meat Retailer

Currently, there are 27 Roots Grills and 90 Roots Butcheries that are open to the public, all of which provide quality meats and products to all buyers. As well as this, we have ensured stable operations, and are proud to report a steady growth since our inception.

As a butchery, our top priority has been ensuring that we are able to offer a full range of quality meats and other products at competitive prices. The actual range of products is also extensive, including beef, poultry, seafood, dairy, cold meats, beverages, groceries, and more.

A Wholesale Butchery with Other Services

Outside of our products, Roots Butchery is also a provider of a number of services aimed at assisting local businesses in various facets. For one, we offer management services. This is provided for start ups that are looking for assistance and is provided on a “by appointment” basis.

We do not involve ourselves in the running of the business or taking over any duties, but instead offer sound advice and assistance where needed.

The Roots Group also offers training services outside of being a meat retailer and wholesale butchery. This includes packaging, merchandising, and others. Those accepted will undertake an intensive program that requires dedication, hard work, and initiative. Specifically, the program requires a work schedule that runs from Monday to Sunday and requires 12 hours of work daily.

Once the program is complete, the potential Roots member’s performance is evaluated. If the member successfully runs the business as advised, they can earn an excellent return on their capital. Be aware, this will all come as a result of the effort put in by the candidate.

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The Roots Group, Serving Our Customers

At the Roots Group, our success arises out of the many facets of our business that are aimed towards constant improvement. Our quality products, customer service, and other offerings are maintained to a high standard, contributing to our position of leadership in our industry.

For further queries regarding our business, contact us.

Value for Money

At Roots we aim to provide our customers with the highest standards while still proving real value for money in all our diverse range of products. Freshness is key to succeed and we commit to provide consistent quality and the freshest products.
Enjoy our Great Service and Quality Products!

“It’s your choice”

Modern butchery – with traditional values in quality.

Diverse Range of Products

Wiseman Budget Braai Wors

Whole Chicken

Roots Budget Wors

Kameelhouf Boerie

Deli Beef Short Rib

Deli Beef Short Rib

Roots Wors

Deli Roots Wors

Deli Mammas Induna Braai wors

Deli Mammas Classic

Deli Farmstyle wors

Chicken Feet

Chicken Wings

Beef Mince

Deli Root traditional Wors

We can ensure you that you will be getting the best products available at competitive prices. We have a diverse range of products like beef, poultry, seafood, dairy, groceries, cold meats, beverages ice creams and more!