Welcome to Roots Home, Your Supplier of all your home and household products

Welcome to Roots Home, our new retail and wholesale homeware store.

We will be striving to provide our customers with amazing products and amazing prices!

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At the Roots Group, our success arises out of the many facets of our business that are aimed towards constant improvement. Our quality products, customer service, and other offerings are maintained to a high standard, contributing to our position of leadership in our industry.

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At Roots we aim to provide our customers with the highest standards while still proving real value for money in all our diverse range of products. Convenience is key to succeed and we commit to provide consistent quality and the best of products.
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We can ensure you that you will be getting the best products available at competitive prices. We have a diverse range of products like plasticware, ceramics, appliances, detergents, and many more household products!