Roots Royalty Rewards


  1. Before paying for your purchases, present your Roots Royalty Rewards card to the cashier. The cashier will swipe your Roots Royalty Rewards card.  Please ensure that the cashier is swiping your card.  This will link your card to the purchases you are about to make.  Any rewards associated to your purchases will be allocated to the card according to the rules of the Roots Royalty Rewards.
  2. The rules to Roots Royalty Rewards will allow the customer to earn a reward based on their purchases. The reward will be 0.5% cash back of selected items in the store.  The reward is allocated to the card and rewards are redeemable once a saving of R5 has been accumulated.
  3. Items excluded from Roots Royalty Rewards will change at the store’s discretion.
  4. To sign up to Roots Royalty Rewards, just ask your cashier for a Roots Royalty card. There is no charge to join.  We will require your ID/drivers license as well as your contact number and email address.  As soon as your particulars are captured you are a Roots Royalty Rewards member.
  5. Competitions running at the store will entitle you to an added benefit which we will market accordingly. This additional benefit will be applicable to selected competitions.
  6. We reserve the right to change terms to Roots Royalty Rewards at any time.