The Many Pork Cuts

Currently, pork meat is one of the most popular foods you can find anywhere. Anyone can appreciate a well prepared and well cooked pork cut! But, what pig cut is right for you? In fact, what are all the cuts you find in this versatile animal? Here, we’ll take a deeper dive on the excellent range of meats that make up pork cuts. From fillet to loins, to chops and hocks, we’ll see just a few of them!

Pork Fillet – The All-Round Pork Cut

Pork fillet, or loin, is an excellent pork cut for just about any meal. You’ll find that they’re well worth the cost for weight, too! You can prepare these pork cuts with low temps and slow cooking. This exact cut is on the puig’s back, making it lean and tender for eating.

The fillet is best when slow-roasted. Note – it’s crucial not to let fillet pork meat roast for too long, or on too high temperatures. Due to how lean it is, the fillet pig cut can dry out the meat and make it quite tough to boot!

There’s not much you can’t do with pork. It’s easy to cook with a wide variety of options available.

Chops – Pork Meat for Easy Cooking

This pork cut is much like the fillet. But, instead of the back, you’ll find them perpendicular to the spine. These cuts also often come off of the loin itself. Others may come from the shoulder. Shoulder chops have more fat on them.

To prepare, these pork cuts are best served after grilling or frying them on a high heat. It takes a lot less time to prepare them, as well, since fillets need lower temperatuire cooking. They have reasonable pricing, generally, but are great value when you know how delicious they can be!


In moderation, pork is a very healthy option. It’s loaded with the essential nutrients your body needs.

Front Hock – A Mouth Watering Pig Cut

Front hock is also known as “ham hock”. This is yet another excellent cut of pork meat. These cuts are usually brined and smoked before you buy them. The cut itself originates from joints in the pig’s leg.

Pig cuts like this tend to have a lot of skin, tendons, and ligaments. As such, cook them low and cook them very slow! Their distinctive taste goes very well with greens and sauces of different kinds.

Great Meat for Healthy Eating

As with everything, you should only eat pork cuts in moderation. But, they are an excellent source of healthy nutrients that contribute to good health. As a part of a healthy diet, they make for great eating! What’s more, their reasonable price makes them all the more worth it!

A chop pork cut offers 40 and 50 percent of daily required protein intake for men and women respectively. Protein serves as an all-essential part of the body. It allows the body to repair, replace, and grow new cells. Be sure to have enough in your diet!

Pork meat also serves as a fantastic source of B vitamins. B vitamins aid the biochemical processes that occur in your body. A single serving will account for most of your required daily intake.

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